managing culture
Pristo Consulting works with leadership teams to develop and/or integrate an entity's core ideology (i.e., purpose, core values and key behaviors underlying the values).  This ideology serves as the organization’s basis for aligning culture at the behavioral, practice and process levels.

strategic team development
How functional is your team?  Strategic team development is a custom process designed to fully integrate the developmental needs of a business team with the real-time strategic needs of the organization.  In a workshop setting, it emphasizes “just in time development” of skills and knowledge, essential for optimal strategy execution.

assessment-based executive coaching
Executive Coaching is offered to help any leader increase his or her ability to take effective action.  Our custom-designed approach will consider:
the desired outcomes of the coaching intervention for both the individual and the organization and
the types of methods, techniques and assessment tools that are most relevant for the individual and situational context.

Our assessment-based executive coaching process is ideal for integration into an organization's ongoing succession management process.
The conclusion is always the same: Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy of the world.

--Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We are pleased to announce Vangent Certification in the            LH STEP and the Campbell Leadership Index:

LH STEP is a comprehensive assessment battery designed and validated to help assess the skills, abilities, and potential of higher-level personnel.

– Validated in more than 90 distinct studies — an unparalleled feat in the industry
– Tens of thousands of administrations
– Backed by over 40 years of research
– Relevant to entrepreneurial and corporate executive effectiveness with data on Fortune 500
and Inc. 500 CEOs

The Campbell™ Leadership Index (CLI®) is a robust 360° leadership feedback tool that helps measure personal characteristics that are directly related to the nature and demands of leadership. Developed by renowned psychologist, Dr. David Campbell, the CLI survey can be used for individual development and coaching or as part of organization-wide efforts to assess and benchmark leadership talent as a
collective resource.