Warren Wilhelm
Global Consulting Alliance
Position: President, Global Consulting Alliance
Education: DBA, Harvard Business School
Expertise:: Leadership, Strategic HR Management, Organizational Change, Strategy and Teaching at the Executive Level
Pristo Consulting is able to self organize in myriad ways to accommodate a large array of leadership and organization development needs within organizations, based on the long-standing working relationships with the highly accomplished professionals described below.

Malini Consulting
Malini Janakiraman
Position: Principal, Malini Consulting
Education: Executive MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Management; BA & CPA Indiana University
ExpertiseLeadership and global cultural assessments, executive coaching, change management, performance management and succession planning processes
Gwen Stern
Gwen Stern & Associates
Position: President, Gwen Stern & Associates
Education: PhD. Northwestern University
Expertise:: Organization dynamics and employee attitude research and analysis.. Social network analysis. Team and group facilitation and strategy development. Strategic communications. Change facilitation
"Organizations are living systems. All living systems have the capacity to self-organize, to sustain themselves and move toward greater complexity and order as needed."  
--Meg Wheatley
Malcolm Dow
Northwestern University
Position: Professor Emeritus
Education: Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
ExpertiseOrganizational Network Analysis, Organizational  Studies