The firm is managed by Toni M. Pristo, Ph.D., an organizational psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in managing change within corporate settings.  Her experience as both an internal and external consultant provides a pragmatic perspective in helping to effect strategic change, in collaborating with those inside the organization..

Our experience and learning suggest  that organizations are living systems.  To achieve sustainability, leaders must direct their attention to both the economic activity of producing goods and services, and to the people who perform the work, as individuals, teams and the organization as a whole.

we value
Integrity:  Constantly striving for
consistency in actions and words

Learning:  Seeking and using data
to continually learn and grow

Systems Perspective:  Approaching consulting assignments with an appreciation of part-whole relationships, to attain sustainable leadership/organization effectiveness

Impact:  Designing consulting interventions for organizational impact (people and business) with measures to gauge progress

Innovation:  Creating the unusual and imaginative to catalyze productive change

"It's not too late
at all. 
You just don't
yet know
what you
are capable of."

-- Mahatma Gandhi

partial client list 

The Home Depot
McMaster Carr
USA Today
Zebra Technologies
RTC Industries
W.W. Grainger
Windsor Foods
Allied Signal
Fannie Mae
Intermap Technologies
Arrow Uniform
Baxter Bioscience
GM Canada